Enhance collaboration with online whiteboards

Where teams brainstorm, plan, and learn

Start something now and share it later

Zoom Whiteboard lets you collaborate whenever and wherever you want. Share your online whiteboards to collaborate with anyone with a Zoom account.

  • Advanced whiteboarding tools allow users to expand and clarify their ideas.
  • Zoom’s online whiteboards are accessible with a web browser, the Zoom client, and Zoom Rooms for Touch.

Gather your team

Collaborate with your team from outside of meetings, or initiate a virtual whiteboard from within a Zoom meeting.

Interactive whiteboard collaboration

Brainstorm fast and efficiently with smart connectors, sticky notes, drawing tools, and comments.

Ideate, organize, and act

Categorize information in real-time with sticky notes.

Share whiteboards with others

Easily share your online whiteboards with other Zoom users using the share sheet.

Access your whiteboards anytime

Access Zoom Whiteboards anytime, during or outside a meeting, they are saved automatically.

Access on any device

Whiteboard collaboration on your Zoom client for desktop, web browser, or Zoom Room for Touch.




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